Sunday, January 8, 2012

A new friend

Hi everyone,

I was gonna tell you about the new furniture my 'rents bought me, but something more important came up.  A new friend in our neighborhood!

About a month or so ago, our next-door-neighbor got a new puppy; a border collie.  Of course, I thought he should have gotten a basset, but maybe he'll be ok.

I finally got to meet him yesterday when our neighbor brought him over.  His name is Rex, and while he is a handsome young lad:

Taken at Rex's house a couple of weeks before I met him.
He's still not as good-looking as I am:

Cpt. Studly, at your service.
The neighbor and Mr. Rex came into the house, and of course we eyed each other suspiciously at first.  Then we did the test that determines if we are going to be life-long friends or foes:  we sniffed each other's butts.

Momma wasn't at home, so daddy had to tell momma how it all went down.  "They sniffed each other's butts, while going around and around in a circle.  Then, Boomer would lay down and Rex would sniff again, then Rex would lay down, and Boomer would sniff again.  Then Rex laid a paw on Boomer."

Momma says that means that we are now furever friends!  Momma also did say, tho, that he is still a little too small for me to play with, so I have to probably wait for spring when he is bigger.  Until then, we'll just have to bark at each other through the windows when one of us is on a walk.

Since it looks like I won't be getting a brudder or sister anytime soon, at least I'll have a new friend to play with!

A special "shout out" to my girlfriend, ♥Annie♥, for leaving me a very special message in the sand at the beach where she lives:  A message for Boomer.  Isn't she just the best?  Thank you,  ♥Annie♥!!!!


Barren Irony said...

Yay for new friends! I have a border collie friend that plays at the park, but not with me, or anyone. She LOVES a soccer ball or frisbee, won't even eat snacks at the park! Her name is Zero, she's pretty cool. If by cool you mean that she can do figure eights around her momma's legs and then catch a frisbee in the air...
Love ya ♥Boomie♥,
Annie O

Worm, the Basset Hound said...

Oh Boomah, whatta handsome pic of you! and yes, Annie is wonderful. Me so glad you two is togethah!