Friday, January 20, 2012

What's in a name?

Hiya basset guys and gals!

Been over a week since my last post, yikes!  Momma said she gets ideas what to write for my blog, but she is usually somewhere where she can't write it down, and then she forgets.  She didn't forget this time, tho!

When momma put her dibs on me, she knew she had to find a name for me.  She said she wanted a name that started with "B" to go with basset.  She did lots of searches on websites that list doggy names, and she would say them out loud to see how they sounded.  When she said "Boomer", she said she knew that was the right name for me!  I do have a big mouth, so I guess it fits.

Which brings me to something confusing.  If my name is Boomer, then why do momma and daddy call me these other names:

Boomie (My girlfriend Annie also calls me this, but that is ok if she does!)
Baby Boy (Momma, I am NOT a baby, I'm a big boy!)

And then it gets even MORE confusing:

Drop it!
Bad puppy!
D--n it, DROP IT!
You rotten dog!

See how confused I am?  I wish mom and dad would just stick to one name; I'm having an identity crisis!

What kind of names do your peoples call you?

Love and drool,


PS:  I guess I don't mind being momma's baby boy, but don't tell the other dogs, ok?


Barren Irony said...

Annie is: Boo Boo, Boots, Stinky Pete (if she is gassy), Lady, Bug, Beaker, Buzz, Mama, Pretty Girl, and Get Down Annie.

Worm, the Basset Hound said...

Awwww man! I left a comment here awhile back but i don't think it took. Melikes all your nicknames!

let's see, mine r like: Wormie, Wormington, Sweet Pea (ewww gross! a girly name!), Stinker, and Here Boy! ok, those r the ones i can share publicly!