Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Years!

Happy New Year, basset friends!  I hope you all got to partee; I thought I was gonna to, but we didn't.  Momma and daddy went to supper and left me at home (harumph!), and when they got home, I thought "Oh boy, now the partee is gonna start!".  Nope.  Momma fell asleep on the couch, and daddy watched TV.  Partee poopers.

Anybody make any resolushuns?  I pledge to:
1.  Beg for more treats.
2.  Sleep more.
3.  Go to the park and chase the geese.
4.  Be nicer to our cat (I think I broke this one already).
5.  Beg momma for a brother or sister.  (PLEEZZEEE, momma, pleeze!)

My pits are doing better thanks to the Gold Bond foot powder.  Not so itchy, but now momma says I need a bath.  No, momma, no!  It's way too cold, and you don't want me to catch a chill, do you?  Momma said that it is supposed to be unusually warm this week, so whenever I go outside, I look at the sky and think really hard, and hope for snow so I don't get a bath.

Daddy took some vacashun time, so he has got to spend lots of time at home with me!  He took me to one of my favorite places, the familee farm, where grandmaw gave me cookies, and I got to play outside.  I was so tired when I got home, that when momma came home from work, I just stayed on the couch and wagged my tail a little and went back to sleep.

Ohhhh!  We also got some new furniture for our living room; my next post will be about that!  Boy, momma and daddy sure do love me a lot if they buy me new furniture!

Love and drool,


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Barren Irony said...

So proud of my ♥Boomie♥ makin resolutions and stuff :) Even if you may have allegedly broken one already, it IS the thought that counts. Momma says I need a bath too, it's a very warm week...like 75 degrees warm! I'm workin on my tan in January, score!
~Annie O