Sunday, December 25, 2011

Momma the editor

Since I don't have thumbs and can't type, momma is taking care of my blog for me; under my direction, of course!  She is currently driving me crazy trying to get my blog looking nice.  "Momma, that looks good, I like those colors.  Momma, what are you doing?  Momma, please leave it how it was.  Arooooooo!"

You noticed momma isn't listening to my awesome artistic input, so right now my blog looks like a pumpkin threw up.

I hope after she has a good night's sleep or two, she'll come to her senses and make me a blog that looks respectable, like all us basset hounds are.  Right, gang?


Barren Irony said...

I kinda like the orange, not bad at all :) And I definitely love♥ the pictures on the side. I'm trying to get my momma to re-vamp her blog also, but she also needs some sleeps so she can think straight. Hope you had a good Santa Day Boomie :)

Worm, the Basset Hound said...

hahaha, Boomah... 'like a pumpkin threw up'... u r funny!

but to answer your ??, ahem, yes, us basset hounds sure ARE respectables.