Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fireworks and foot powder

Happy (almost) New Year's, everyone!

I like New Year's because it means I'm closer to my birthday in April!  I don't like it because you can buy fireworks and set them off here.  I really don't like fireworks, they are scary and hurt my ears, and I don't like to go outside and potty when then are going off.  I've been hanging close to momma and daddy, I know they will protect me from them.

Last night I was laying on the couch all belly up, and momma was looking at me really funny-like.  She came up to me and rubbed my chest and belly (sigh), and next thing I know she is looking at my armpits, and when she touched them, I jumped.  She said they are all red and sore looking, with little black specks in them.  We thought it was fleas at first, but momma said it's something called a yeast infection.

So, momma has to wash and dry my pits, and she has been putting something called medicated foot powder on them until they are better.  Oh, the indignity of having your momma do that!  But, I was a very good boy for her, and momma is very gentle.  She also said she would buy me some special yogurt.  Mmmm, I love yogurt!

We were trying to figure out why my pits are sick, and momma said it's probably because I've been curling up to sleep, and sleeping under the covers, so they don't get a chance to air out.  I usually sleep on my back all hangin' out, but when it's cold, I don't want to sleep that way.  It's a good thing I was on my back last night, or momma never would have noticed, and I would probably have to go to the vet.  I sure hope the powder works so I don't HAVE to go to the vet!

Time to go stretch out for the night on daddy's lap; I hope everyone has a good New Year's!  Don't partee too much and take care of your pits!

Love and drool,


Molly McFreckles said...

Boomer, I have that too! Momma just discovered it. What kind of foot powder do you use? What brand?

Boomer Basset said...

Molly, momma is using Gold Bond medicated foot powder. It's in a blue container. Sorry to hear you have the same problem, too! Man, what we bassets go through!

Molly McFreckles said...

Thanks Boomer. We are going to try that.

Barren Irony said...

We use the same thing ♥Boomie♥ Sometimes my pits get the same way so my momma cleans them, like yours did, and then rubs in the Gold Bond powder. It works very well :)

Boomer Basset said...

♥Annie♥, thanks for the first-hand experience/review with the Gold Bond powder! Now I'm very confident in momma's decision. :nod:

Worm, the Basset Hound said...

oh Boomah & pals, hope your, er, pits get bettah very soon. i'm just a coupla months behind some of u in age, so i bet this is coming up for me 'rounnd the corner. --Worm

ps. Happy News Years!