Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I have a sister! Part 3

Hi everyone, as I promised, here is the last part of my story.

I was a little scared my new family would get tired of me or decide I was defective (I have a bad front leg), and dump me out in the country like my old family did.  I worried for nothing, because here I still am!

The week after momma brought me home, I had to go to the vet and get spayed and shot!  I was all, "Oh momma, how could you?", but then she explained to me it was so I couldn't have puppies and the shots were so I wouldn't get sick.  Well, ok, but don't scare me like that again!

I had to spend the night at the vet, and momma said she missed me a lot and even cried a little.  I was so happy when she came to pick me up, but I didn't feel very good.  We got home, and my new brother, Boomer, wanted to play but momma said no, and he was sad.  It was hard for me to be a good girl so I would break open my staples, and momma had to carry me up and down the steps to potty.  Momma said it was a good thing I am such a little girl (30 lbs) or she would have thrown her back out.

I went back to the vet 2 weeks later, got my staples out, and the vet was very happy.  She also talked to momma about getting a brace for my front leg.  You see, my paw on my front leg turns under sometimes, and the vet said I need to get a brace or I'll get more crippled as I get older.  Momma says I'm so fast and bouncy, that it's hard to believe I need a brace, but she doesn't want me crippled.  The vet said momma could get one herself, so we are gonna get one when summer starts.

Anyway, I have lived her for a little over 2 months now, and I love it!  I have good food, lots of neat toys, momma and daddy let me sleep with them, we get to go for rides in the van, and we also go to a place called a farm to visit grandma and grandpa.  I don't like the cows, they are HUGE!  When gma and gpa first saw me, they thought momma and daddy were dog sitting.  Hahahaha, it was funny to see their faces when momma told them I was their new dog!

I really like my new brother; he is fun to play with and tease.  We sometimes get into arguments, but when it's nap time, we like to be together.  I have to let Boomer talk now, bye for now!

Boomer here to tell ya about life with my new sister.  I wasn't too sure about her at first, and sometimes wondered when she was going to leave, but momma said she is here to stay, and I have to be nice.  Nice?  When am I ever NOT nice, momma?  Well, there was that one time...

She is smaller than me, but boy, is she mean!  She picks on me all the time, tries to eat my food and steal my treats, I tell ya a bro can't catch a break around here.  I also have to share my toys with her, and daddy's lap, and the bed, and the grandparents.  Sometimes I liked it better when I was the only dog around here, but you know, the longer she is here, the more I do like her.  I have someone to talk to when momma and daddy are busy, and someone to bark with outside at the cats and rabbits..

You know what, she isn't so bad after all!  I guess I am kind of glad we got her!  Love ya sissy!

That's the story of Biscuit and her new family.  We just love her to bits and pieces, and she has been such a joy to have in our family.  We do wonder a lot about her background, and why she was dumped (something to do with her leg, perhaps?), but whatever the reason, I think she was meant to be a part of OUR family, and I look forward to writing more about Boomer and Biscuit, our little rescue basset.

Catch ya all on the drool side!

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