Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I have a sister! Part 3

Hi everyone, as I promised, here is the last part of my story.

I was a little scared my new family would get tired of me or decide I was defective (I have a bad front leg), and dump me out in the country like my old family did.  I worried for nothing, because here I still am!

The week after momma brought me home, I had to go to the vet and get spayed and shot!  I was all, "Oh momma, how could you?", but then she explained to me it was so I couldn't have puppies and the shots were so I wouldn't get sick.  Well, ok, but don't scare me like that again!

I had to spend the night at the vet, and momma said she missed me a lot and even cried a little.  I was so happy when she came to pick me up, but I didn't feel very good.  We got home, and my new brother, Boomer, wanted to play but momma said no, and he was sad.  It was hard for me to be a good girl so I would break open my staples, and momma had to carry me up and down the steps to potty.  Momma said it was a good thing I am such a little girl (30 lbs) or she would have thrown her back out.

I went back to the vet 2 weeks later, got my staples out, and the vet was very happy.  She also talked to momma about getting a brace for my front leg.  You see, my paw on my front leg turns under sometimes, and the vet said I need to get a brace or I'll get more crippled as I get older.  Momma says I'm so fast and bouncy, that it's hard to believe I need a brace, but she doesn't want me crippled.  The vet said momma could get one herself, so we are gonna get one when summer starts.

Anyway, I have lived her for a little over 2 months now, and I love it!  I have good food, lots of neat toys, momma and daddy let me sleep with them, we get to go for rides in the van, and we also go to a place called a farm to visit grandma and grandpa.  I don't like the cows, they are HUGE!  When gma and gpa first saw me, they thought momma and daddy were dog sitting.  Hahahaha, it was funny to see their faces when momma told them I was their new dog!

I really like my new brother; he is fun to play with and tease.  We sometimes get into arguments, but when it's nap time, we like to be together.  I have to let Boomer talk now, bye for now!

Boomer here to tell ya about life with my new sister.  I wasn't too sure about her at first, and sometimes wondered when she was going to leave, but momma said she is here to stay, and I have to be nice.  Nice?  When am I ever NOT nice, momma?  Well, there was that one time...

She is smaller than me, but boy, is she mean!  She picks on me all the time, tries to eat my food and steal my treats, I tell ya a bro can't catch a break around here.  I also have to share my toys with her, and daddy's lap, and the bed, and the grandparents.  Sometimes I liked it better when I was the only dog around here, but you know, the longer she is here, the more I do like her.  I have someone to talk to when momma and daddy are busy, and someone to bark with outside at the cats and rabbits..

You know what, she isn't so bad after all!  I guess I am kind of glad we got her!  Love ya sissy!

That's the story of Biscuit and her new family.  We just love her to bits and pieces, and she has been such a joy to have in our family.  We do wonder a lot about her background, and why she was dumped (something to do with her leg, perhaps?), but whatever the reason, I think she was meant to be a part of OUR family, and I look forward to writing more about Boomer and Biscuit, our little rescue basset.

Catch ya all on the drool side!

Monday, April 2, 2012

I have a sister! Part 2

Hi everyone, Boomer and Biscuit's momma here!

A HUGE apology for not keeping up our blog, especially since we have adopted a new little girl!  We have been busy getting acquainted and all that, but should have taken some time.  Anyway, here is the rest of her adoption story in her words:

After we got in my new van (hee hee, my), I sat in the seat beside my new momma, and my new brother, Boomer sat in his seat in the back.  Momma took a picture of me, see how happy I look?

Yay!  I'm going to my new home!
Momma said my new house is 90 miles away, and I think she was a little worried about the trip.  I was a very good girl, though, and I slept a lot and a couple of times I tried to climb on momma's lap, but she told me I couldn't.  I just couldn't wait to get home and cuddle!  My brother was a big old pain in the basset butt on the way home.  He kept trying to get under momma's legs while she was driving; she said he was a little jealous.

We got to the town close to my new home, and stopped for lunch which momma shared with me and my brother.  Arby's is very good.

We headed back to my new home in just a few minutes, and momma was talking to me and telling me all about it!  She got a phone call from her other kids asking about me, so momma went through a drive-thru at the bank so I could meet my human sister!  She was very nice and said I was cute.

We got to my new home, and I marched right up the steps like I had always lived there.  Momma was a little surprised at how brave I was.  We went into the house, and momma asked me if I had to go potty.  I did, and I walked through the kitchen right to the back door which surprised momma again.  It was like I had always lived there, she said.

We came back in the house, and I looked around and discovered they have a cat!  Yay!  I like cats, they are fun to chase.  After I looked around for a while, momma took me to where she works to introduce me to everyone.  I liked it there; the people were very nice, and I got treats!

We went home and I spent more time looking around and took another nap and cuddled with my new momma.  Momma said my new daddy wouldn't be home until the next day, so it was just me and Momma and Boomer.  We had supper and watched some TV, then potty again before bed.  Momma wasn't sure what to do with me about bedtime, but I just hopped right on the bed and wagged my tail.  Momma gave in and we went to bed.  My new human brother came home from work later, and came in to see me and thought I was pretty neat!

I had a very good night and stayed on the bed with my momma and brother Boomer, then got up and went potty and had breakfast.  Oh my, such good breakfast here!  Then we spent the day just playing and getting to know each other until my new daddy came home.  When he came home, I greeted him at the door, "Hi!  I'm Biscuit, are you my new daddy?"  He smiled at me and scritched me, and when he sat down I jumped right in his lap, and he gave me lots of loves.

Wow, this is getting kind of long!  Momma said we can do a Part 3, so I PROMISE I will do that tomorrow!  Part 3 will just be about some of the stuff I've done in the 2 months I became a part of my new family, plus momma said Boomer gets a turn at telling about how he likes living with me.

I love my new family so much, and I know they love me a lot, too!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

I have a sister!!

Part One

Hi everyone!

I have exciting news this week; I got a sister!  Her name is Biscuit and we rescued her from the Central Nebraska Humane Society.  She is very pretty and nice, I like her a lot, but I'm still not used to sharing my stuff.  Especially my mom and dad.

Momma said I should be nice and let Biscuit write something since this is about her, so I thought about it awhile, then I got distracted by a treat, then momma said, "Boomer, aren't you forgetting something?"  Oh yes, ok, Biscuit can do some writing.

Hi everyone, my name is Biscuit!  I am 2 years old, or at least that's what the rescue people said I am.  I am reddish-brown and white, and on the petite side.

In the beginning of January, my people abandoned me in the country; I don't know why, and it made me very sad.  I found a house and the people there brought me in and gave me a place to sleep for the night.  The next day, they took me to a place called a Humane Society where they take care of dogs and cats until they can find them new homes.

One day a nice lady in a town 1 1/2 hours away saw my picture on their website, and emailed asking about me.  She was looking for a friend for her boy basset, Boomer.  She decided she wanted to meet me, and brought Boomer along so we could meet, too, and see if we would get along.

The lady works there brought me to the room where Boomer and the nice lady were waiting, and when I saw them through the window, I was so excited!  The lady opened the door, and I went right up to Boomer and said, "Hi!  My name is Biscuit, will you be my friend and play with me?"  He didn't say anything, he just looked kind of puzzled.  I then went over to the nice lady who smiled at me and gave me lots of pets and loves.

I kept trying to get Boomer to play with me, and he still wouldn't.  The lady that works there left the room for a few minutes, but Boomer's momma stayed, which was nice, I really liked her!  Then the other lady gave her some papers and they talked, and while Boomer's momma was doing something with the papers, Boomer finally decided to play with me.  We ran and ran and ran and barked and chased each other; it was lots of fun!

Boomer and me playing in the big room.

We were watching other doggies outside of the big room.  I hope they were going to new homes, too!

Then the work lady went in and out a few times, and Boomer's momma would smile and talk to me.  Then I thought of something wonderful:  Is she going to take me home with her today?  Is this going to be my new momma?  Ohhhhh, I sure hope so!

Next thing I know, the humane society lady is walking me outside with Boomer's momma and she opened the van door and smiled at me, and said, "Get in Biscuit, we're going home!"  I was so excited, I hopped in and sat in the driver's seat and said, "Let's go momma!  I'm ready!"

Whew, I'm really tired, I need to go pick on my new brother and have a rest.  I'll write the rest of my story tomorrow, ok?

Love and drool,

Boomer and Biscuit

Friday, January 20, 2012

What's in a name?

Hiya basset guys and gals!

Been over a week since my last post, yikes!  Momma said she gets ideas what to write for my blog, but she is usually somewhere where she can't write it down, and then she forgets.  She didn't forget this time, tho!

When momma put her dibs on me, she knew she had to find a name for me.  She said she wanted a name that started with "B" to go with basset.  She did lots of searches on websites that list doggy names, and she would say them out loud to see how they sounded.  When she said "Boomer", she said she knew that was the right name for me!  I do have a big mouth, so I guess it fits.

Which brings me to something confusing.  If my name is Boomer, then why do momma and daddy call me these other names:

Boomie (My girlfriend Annie also calls me this, but that is ok if she does!)
Baby Boy (Momma, I am NOT a baby, I'm a big boy!)

And then it gets even MORE confusing:

Drop it!
Bad puppy!
D--n it, DROP IT!
You rotten dog!

See how confused I am?  I wish mom and dad would just stick to one name; I'm having an identity crisis!

What kind of names do your peoples call you?

Love and drool,


PS:  I guess I don't mind being momma's baby boy, but don't tell the other dogs, ok?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

A new friend

Hi everyone,

I was gonna tell you about the new furniture my 'rents bought me, but something more important came up.  A new friend in our neighborhood!

About a month or so ago, our next-door-neighbor got a new puppy; a border collie.  Of course, I thought he should have gotten a basset, but maybe he'll be ok.

I finally got to meet him yesterday when our neighbor brought him over.  His name is Rex, and while he is a handsome young lad:

Taken at Rex's house a couple of weeks before I met him.
He's still not as good-looking as I am:

Cpt. Studly, at your service.
The neighbor and Mr. Rex came into the house, and of course we eyed each other suspiciously at first.  Then we did the test that determines if we are going to be life-long friends or foes:  we sniffed each other's butts.

Momma wasn't at home, so daddy had to tell momma how it all went down.  "They sniffed each other's butts, while going around and around in a circle.  Then, Boomer would lay down and Rex would sniff again, then Rex would lay down, and Boomer would sniff again.  Then Rex laid a paw on Boomer."

Momma says that means that we are now furever friends!  Momma also did say, tho, that he is still a little too small for me to play with, so I have to probably wait for spring when he is bigger.  Until then, we'll just have to bark at each other through the windows when one of us is on a walk.

Since it looks like I won't be getting a brudder or sister anytime soon, at least I'll have a new friend to play with!

A special "shout out" to my girlfriend, ♥Annie♥, for leaving me a very special message in the sand at the beach where she lives:  A message for Boomer.  Isn't she just the best?  Thank you,  ♥Annie♥!!!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Years!

Happy New Year, basset friends!  I hope you all got to partee; I thought I was gonna to, but we didn't.  Momma and daddy went to supper and left me at home (harumph!), and when they got home, I thought "Oh boy, now the partee is gonna start!".  Nope.  Momma fell asleep on the couch, and daddy watched TV.  Partee poopers.

Anybody make any resolushuns?  I pledge to:
1.  Beg for more treats.
2.  Sleep more.
3.  Go to the park and chase the geese.
4.  Be nicer to our cat (I think I broke this one already).
5.  Beg momma for a brother or sister.  (PLEEZZEEE, momma, pleeze!)

My pits are doing better thanks to the Gold Bond foot powder.  Not so itchy, but now momma says I need a bath.  No, momma, no!  It's way too cold, and you don't want me to catch a chill, do you?  Momma said that it is supposed to be unusually warm this week, so whenever I go outside, I look at the sky and think really hard, and hope for snow so I don't get a bath.

Daddy took some vacashun time, so he has got to spend lots of time at home with me!  He took me to one of my favorite places, the familee farm, where grandmaw gave me cookies, and I got to play outside.  I was so tired when I got home, that when momma came home from work, I just stayed on the couch and wagged my tail a little and went back to sleep.

Ohhhh!  We also got some new furniture for our living room; my next post will be about that!  Boy, momma and daddy sure do love me a lot if they buy me new furniture!

Love and drool,


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fireworks and foot powder

Happy (almost) New Year's, everyone!

I like New Year's because it means I'm closer to my birthday in April!  I don't like it because you can buy fireworks and set them off here.  I really don't like fireworks, they are scary and hurt my ears, and I don't like to go outside and potty when then are going off.  I've been hanging close to momma and daddy, I know they will protect me from them.

Last night I was laying on the couch all belly up, and momma was looking at me really funny-like.  She came up to me and rubbed my chest and belly (sigh), and next thing I know she is looking at my armpits, and when she touched them, I jumped.  She said they are all red and sore looking, with little black specks in them.  We thought it was fleas at first, but momma said it's something called a yeast infection.

So, momma has to wash and dry my pits, and she has been putting something called medicated foot powder on them until they are better.  Oh, the indignity of having your momma do that!  But, I was a very good boy for her, and momma is very gentle.  She also said she would buy me some special yogurt.  Mmmm, I love yogurt!

We were trying to figure out why my pits are sick, and momma said it's probably because I've been curling up to sleep, and sleeping under the covers, so they don't get a chance to air out.  I usually sleep on my back all hangin' out, but when it's cold, I don't want to sleep that way.  It's a good thing I was on my back last night, or momma never would have noticed, and I would probably have to go to the vet.  I sure hope the powder works so I don't HAVE to go to the vet!

Time to go stretch out for the night on daddy's lap; I hope everyone has a good New Year's!  Don't partee too much and take care of your pits!

Love and drool,