Monday, April 2, 2012

I have a sister! Part 2

Hi everyone, Boomer and Biscuit's momma here!

A HUGE apology for not keeping up our blog, especially since we have adopted a new little girl!  We have been busy getting acquainted and all that, but should have taken some time.  Anyway, here is the rest of her adoption story in her words:

After we got in my new van (hee hee, my), I sat in the seat beside my new momma, and my new brother, Boomer sat in his seat in the back.  Momma took a picture of me, see how happy I look?

Yay!  I'm going to my new home!
Momma said my new house is 90 miles away, and I think she was a little worried about the trip.  I was a very good girl, though, and I slept a lot and a couple of times I tried to climb on momma's lap, but she told me I couldn't.  I just couldn't wait to get home and cuddle!  My brother was a big old pain in the basset butt on the way home.  He kept trying to get under momma's legs while she was driving; she said he was a little jealous.

We got to the town close to my new home, and stopped for lunch which momma shared with me and my brother.  Arby's is very good.

We headed back to my new home in just a few minutes, and momma was talking to me and telling me all about it!  She got a phone call from her other kids asking about me, so momma went through a drive-thru at the bank so I could meet my human sister!  She was very nice and said I was cute.

We got to my new home, and I marched right up the steps like I had always lived there.  Momma was a little surprised at how brave I was.  We went into the house, and momma asked me if I had to go potty.  I did, and I walked through the kitchen right to the back door which surprised momma again.  It was like I had always lived there, she said.

We came back in the house, and I looked around and discovered they have a cat!  Yay!  I like cats, they are fun to chase.  After I looked around for a while, momma took me to where she works to introduce me to everyone.  I liked it there; the people were very nice, and I got treats!

We went home and I spent more time looking around and took another nap and cuddled with my new momma.  Momma said my new daddy wouldn't be home until the next day, so it was just me and Momma and Boomer.  We had supper and watched some TV, then potty again before bed.  Momma wasn't sure what to do with me about bedtime, but I just hopped right on the bed and wagged my tail.  Momma gave in and we went to bed.  My new human brother came home from work later, and came in to see me and thought I was pretty neat!

I had a very good night and stayed on the bed with my momma and brother Boomer, then got up and went potty and had breakfast.  Oh my, such good breakfast here!  Then we spent the day just playing and getting to know each other until my new daddy came home.  When he came home, I greeted him at the door, "Hi!  I'm Biscuit, are you my new daddy?"  He smiled at me and scritched me, and when he sat down I jumped right in his lap, and he gave me lots of loves.

Wow, this is getting kind of long!  Momma said we can do a Part 3, so I PROMISE I will do that tomorrow!  Part 3 will just be about some of the stuff I've done in the 2 months I became a part of my new family, plus momma said Boomer gets a turn at telling about how he likes living with me.

I love my new family so much, and I know they love me a lot, too!

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Molly McFreckles said...

I love that picture of you, Biscuit! You have pretty freckles. I am so glad you are happy in your new home...Boomer is a good guy.